Puppetry Movement

Bringing Puppets to Life

Thingumajig Theatre has trained hundreds of students, actors, dancers and theatre professionals techniques on how to operate puppets. Through hands-on demonstrations, well-proven exercises and trunks full of puppets, we can tailor make training sessions to meet the needs of the participants.

These sessions are suitable for youth theatres, drama students, theatre designers and professional actors and dancers who need coaching on how to effectively use a puppet for an upcoming production. 

We can provide an introduction to a variety of styles of puppets or  lead a specialised session in table top puppets, rod puppets, hand puppets, masks, shadow puppets or giant puppets.  

One-week Puppet Movement Intensive

Thingumajig Theatre Director Andrew Kim is the lead instructor for this week-long puppetry intensive program for Black, Indigenous and artists of colour. Each day, he teaches a different style of puppetry: table top and object, hand and rod, shadow, masks and then leads the participants in workshop production at the end of the week showcasing the different styles. 

Many of the participants have since created their own works puppet theatre and several are now pursuing professional careers as puppeteers. 


One-Day Intro to Puppetry

Andrew teaches a puppetry movement class for theatre design students and drama students.

This one-day introduction consists of a morning session learning the basic of puppet manipulation then practicing with demonstration puppets.

In the afternoon, the students have the opportunity to create mini scenes using some of Thingumajig Theatre’s stage puppets and giant creatures. 

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