A la Puppet Carte

A la Puppet Carte by Thingumajig Theatre
On the “A la Puppet Carte” menu is a pair of pop up puppet stages built onto the back of electric tricycles. Each mobile stage is a show full of surprises, fun and a heart-warming story of friendship and a sense of home. 


The Story of the Scary Noise

A doting daddy finds the unexpected (and adorable) source of a mysterious sound. 

Created and performed by Kathy and Andrew Kim
Original music by Kathy Kim
Directed by Mark Whitaker

The Magic Samovar

A Persian tea urn opens to reveal the compelling secrets of a world in miniature.

Created by Reyyan Hammad with Thingumajig Theatre
Performed by Reyyan Hammad
Original music written and performed by Kathy Kim
Directed by Andrew Kim and Mark Whitaker
Constructed by Reyyan Hammad and Kathy Kim with assistance from Jen Chung

Suitable for all ages.
Running time: about 30 minutes per set which includes one performance of 2 shows (or 12 mins each if shows are performed separately). The sets also include a walkabout element of 5 to 10 minutes, as the tricycles are ridden into the performance location.
Available to perform 3 sets per day.
Photos and video by Ian Hodgson

A la Puppet Carte was created with the support of Blueprint R&D Fund from Without Walls Outdoor Arts Consortium and devised at 101 Outdoor Arts, National Centre for Arts in Public Spaces.

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