Ghost Caribou


In Ghost Caribou, Thingumajig Theatre’s night-time street act, giant illuminated creatures, part caribou, part spirit, roam a mystical world after dark. As they gather a crowd, they clear a space to perform their other-worldly ceremony.

With music, song and shadow puppets they tell stories of lost homes, impossible migrations and sees of hope before continuing the journey into their hauuntingly beautiful dream-world of the night.


Spectacular and original. Combining ethereal music with exquisite puppetry and accomplished performance, this was an atmospheric performance piece that left our audience smiling in wonder. This is a standout piece that will work well in both urban and rural festival settings…

Roxy Robinson, Creative Director, From the Fields, Bournemouth Arts by the Sea

Ghost Caribou is a walkabout act with three performers which can perform 3 x 40 minutes in one day. The piece begins as a procession which stops in an open space and performs a 15-minute static piece which includes a folk dance and a shadow puppet play. It is primarily a night time piece and requires dark to get the full effect of the lantern cariboue and the shadow puppet show.

If required, one of the 3 sets can be before dark but, depending on daylight, this may or may not include the shadow puppet play.

Ghost Caribou was created and constructed by Kathy and Andrew Kim with Jonny Quick, Mark Whitaker and Gillian Burns.

Original music by Kathy Kim.

Photos and videos by Ian Hodgson unless noted otherwise

The R&D for Ghost Caribou was supported by Blueprint: Without Walls R&D Investment Fund. Without Walls is the UK’s largest commissioner of outdoor arts shows, taking inspiring new work to audiences all over the country and beyond. For more information on the work of Without Walls, please visit

Ghost Caribou was also created, in part at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space

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