We offer giant puppet making and puppet performance workshops. We make bespoke giant puppets, giant lantern puppets or puppet plays with artists and community participants. Typical residencies are two weeks long working with up to 12 artists for 5 hours a day. The new puppets then belong to the community or the host organisation and are often featured in a parade or opening/closing ceremony for an event.

The participants work on all levels of the build from design, sculpting, painting, costume making, carpentry, lighting (for lanterns), and performance.

We also offer puppetry movement workshop from a one-day introduction to puppetry to a one-week intensive where we teach students and performers the basics of bringing a puppet to life.


I was a student in the Thingumajig Theatre workshop in Santa Barbara and I have to say that it’s added so much to my own artistic repertoire. Such a fun experience with so many practical skills to apply to future projects. I’m hooked and looking forward to hopefully getting Kathy and Andrew back out here for another one!

Justin, giant puppet residency participant

Giant Puppet Residency: Shrewsbury

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Thingumajig Theatre Aero Giant

Giant Puppet Residency: Ærø Island

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