Kit & Caboodle

With miniature puppet shows inside a big, rolling mule puppet, the timeless theme of migration is packaged up in Thingumajig’s latest street act, KIT AND CABOODLE.

A pack mule with its beautiful burden of tales is joined by two well-travelled companions. Bags and cases open to reveal stories and songs of remarkable journeys from the staggering sojourn of a butterfly to people past and present who set out in search of a better life.

I’m amazed that they could make a story with so many simple things about such a deep message. –audience member from Preston

Harder issues included in show but dealt with “quietly”. Loved ALL the puppetry! Very family friendly. –audience member from Preston

Kit and Caboodle can be a static show or a walkabout act.

The static show is 25-minute with a strolling performance into and out of the performing area. We can perform 2 strolling/static outings in one day (about 40 minutes per outing).

The walkabout version is 40-minutes long which includes one 5-minute stop to perform a show. We can perform 3 x 40 minute outings per day. Note: the walkabout version does not include all the puppet shows pictured here.

Suitable for outdoor settings or large indoor spaces.
Appropriate for all ages.

For bookings, please contact our agents Fool’s Paradise.

KIT AND CABOODLE was created by Kathy and Andrew Kim

Directed by Mark Whitaker; music by Kathy Kim; cart by Ian Broscomb; cranky illustrations by Kerith Ogden; painted flats by Govi Asano; devising consultants: Thea Soltau and Tess Hills; additional help by Jonny Quick, Andy Spencer and Emma Griffiths. Photos and video by Ian Hodgson.

KIT AND CABOODLE was devised at Hare Hill House and is made with the support of

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