Lost in the Woods

A Puppet Play Residency in Italy

Production Incanti Project 2012


Created for PIP (Production Incanti Project) and performed as part of Incanti International Figure Theatre Festival, Turin, Italy, 2012.

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm Fairy-tales, Thingumajig Theatre worked for a month with 5 emerging international theatre-makers to create hour-long piece called Lost in the Woods. With puppets, masks, acting, visual theatre and music each participant brought to life the essence of their chosen piece. Woven together with a Red Riding Hood motif, the piece took a quizzical look at how stories learnt at a parent’s knee prepare a child for the adult world.

The show opened Incanti 2012 to great acclaim from festival-goers and organisers alike. 

Learning to Make a Puppet Play

Before the residency, each artist chose one story by the Brothers Grimm. Under the guidance of Thingumajig directors, each artist experimented and devised ways to visually tell their story. The other participants became the performers for each others’ pieces.

They learned the basics of making puppets and masks using cardboard and easily accessible materials.

These pieces were woven together with a few ensemble pieces created by Thingumajig Theatre. All were rehearsed and placed with professional lights and music in a theatre and performed as part of the Incanti International Figure Theatre Festival.


The workshop was led by Thingumajig Theatre directors Kathy and Andrew Kim.

Participant artists: Brigid Vidler (Australia), Raffaella Gardon (France), Francesco Picciotti (Italy), Marco Ceccotti (Italy) and Zosia Stella-Sawicka (UK).


Workshop photos by Andrew Kim; production photos by Shin Yamazawa.

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