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A quirky comedy on the nature of longing and lack.

A monkey looks for a Messiah, a mother tries to keep pace with her voracious child, a flute-player has the wind taken out of him by today’s headlines. At times hilarious, at times heart-breaking but always strangely entertaining, WANT explores the distance between what we want and what we get. Inspired by Topeng Pajegon, a Balinese tradition of solo mask performance, WANT is told through masks, puppets, clowning, live music, and a highly emotive sock monkey.

by City Pages, Minneapolis

“…a magnificent example of his talent…. Kim, it seems, can be more expressive in silence than most performers are with poetic dramatic passages.”




Created and performed by Kathy and Andrew Kim

Original music by Kathy Kim

Puppets, set and costumes by Kathy and Andrew Kim