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The Vertigo of Sheep

A well-meaning but unreliable clown attempts to come to grips with the Book of Genesis. Will Abraham pass the test? Were Adam and Eve set up? And should we take Lot’s tale with a hefty pinch of salt? Join us in this Old Testament romp with Clyde, his diminutive alter-ego, and his musical assistant, Claudia.

Through household objects, puppets, physical theatre and live music, Thingumajig Theatre creates a world where profane objects are sacred and the sacred is hilarious.

Awarded a Citation of Excellence by UNIMA-USA



“Spectacular integration of movement, music and set design. Both artists were unmatched in their performing skills.”
UNIMA-USA Reviewer

“…You’re struck by the extraordinary quality of the production values….Kim seamlessly wrought uber-familiar Bible stories some new and compelling existential questions for me, and now I can’t wait to see more of his work.”
Karen Larsen, The Puppetry Journal

“…the best freaking puppet show you’ve ever seen!”
Willamette Week Online



Running time: 65 minutes
Suitable for adults and teenagers, not recommended for children under 10


Created and performed by Kathy and Andrew Kim

Original music by Kathy Kim

Puppets, set and costumes by Kathy and Andrew Kim

Large set pieces by Hans Nelsen

Lighting design by Doug Paasch