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Taking Flight

A community performance about the search for home, performed at
 Todmorden Unitarian Church on 6 and 7 May, 2011

Thingumajig Theatre teamed up with the Friends of Todmorden Unitarian Church and local artists to create a site-specific spectacle about emigration and the search for home, through storytelling, live music, dance, giant puppets and spell-binding theatre. The audience gathered outside this beautiful Victorian Gothic church to meet the performers as they began the show, following on to take their seats inside, and discovering what secrets the protagonists carried with them inside their suitcases.

Todmorden is rich in its varied culture, embracing people from many corners of the world over the years. The show was a celebration of this vibrant community.



Puppets and props by Thingumajig Theatre and volunteers

Lantern suitcases by Liverpool Lantern Company

Performances by Andrew Kim, Sonya Moorhead and Matthanee Gig Nilavongse

Poetry by Siddique Mirpuri and Wes Paul

Choreography by Gillian Burns

Lights and sound by Jonny Quick and Dan Powers Productions

Live music by Daniel Bath, Kathy Kim and Razwan Sarwar
and Barka, St. Joseph’s PolishEnglish choir

Funded by: The Werner Townley Trust through the Community Foundation for Calderdale and Friends of Todmorden Unitarian Church