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The ocean is broken. Legions of jellyfish are filling the seas, clogging harbours, lining beaches–are they trying to tell us something?

In “Jellish” a bloom of giant illuminated jellyfish transforms night time streets or fields of a festival into a strange and magical in-between world.



As of 2018, this act is no longer available.

These giant jellyfish puppets were illuminated internally from gently changing LED and UV lights which were controlled by each jellyfish technician. On the back of each technician was a sound system with strange and evocative seascape sounds. The jellyfish were 1.5 metres wide and were up to 5 metres up in the air.



Jellyfish, costumes, design and direction by Andrew and Kathy Kim
Lights and sound by Dan Powers and Nick Mitchell
Music by Daniel Weaver
Jellyfish poles by Ian Broscomb