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Lost in the Woods

Created for PIP (Production Incanti Project) and performed as part of Incanti International Figure Theatre Festival, Turin, Italy, 2012.

Inspired by the Brothers Grimm Fairy-tales, Thingumajig Theatre worked for a month with 5 young adult theatre-makers to create this hour-long piece. With puppets, masks, acting, visual theatre and music each participant brought to life the essence of their chosen piece. Woven together with a Red Riding Hood motif, the piece took a quizzical look at how stories learnt at a parent’s knee prepare a child for the adult world.

The show opened Incanti 2012 to great acclaim from festival-goers and organisers alike. 


Lead artists: Thingumajig Theatre directors Kathy and Andrew Kim

Participant artists: Francesco Picciotti (Italy), Brigid Vidler (Australia), Marco Ceccotti (Italy), Raffaella Gardon (France) and Zosia Stella-Sawicka (UK)

See photo gallery by Shin Yamazawa.