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Ghost Caribou

In GHOST CARIBOU, Thingumajig Theatre’s new night-time street act, giant illuminated creatures, part caribou, part human, roam a mystical world after dark, accompanied by a wild herdsperson. As they gather a crowd, they clear a space to perform their other-wordly ceremony. With music, song and shadow puppets they tell stories of lost homes, impossible migrations and seeds of hope before continuing the journey into their hauntingly beautiful dream-world of the night.

Ghost Caribou Shadow Puppets

Ghost Caribou is walkabout act which can perform 3 x 40 minutes in one day. It is primarily a night-time piece and requires dark to get the full effect of the lantern caribou puppets and the shadow puppet show. If required, one of the 3 sets can be done at dusk.

Suitable for outdoor settings spaces. 
Appropriate for all ages.

Available for books from mid-September 2018.