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Panchan Kim joined Thingumajig Theatre in January 2008. Although not allowed to perform (as stipulated in his contract from Manchester Dogs’ Home) he finds many ways to be involved with the company’s work. As Life Coach, he ensures that Andrew and Kathy take regular exercise and is compiling a comprehensive listing of UK parks, which he visits at his many stops on tour.

Panchan has developed a keen interest in fabric work, and helps Kathy with fabric selection by lying down and sleeping in it. He plays an active role in office work, and makes sure Andrew doesn’t suffer RSI at the computer by insisting he takes frequent breaks for tickling and stroking.

Mark receives indispensable directorial help during rehearsals at Thingumajig, especially when Panchan takes the stage to demonstrate a particularly tricky blocking idea.

Above all, Panchan keeps the company smiling…………