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October 2014

Autumn 2014 Tour

We’re off!  A 28-venue tour of “A November Day”, which follows a woman’s discovery of the story of her grandfather, a survivor of WW1. The show was created in 2008 in association with the Imperial War Museum North. We toured it this spring and thanks to our fantastic tour booker, Makin Projects, we have an exciting autumn tour throughout the UK starting with a couple of shows at the Jersey Opera House!

See more info and tour schedule HERE.

To see what we’ve been up to so far this year, see our Oct 2014 Newsletter.

Hope to see you your nearest venue!


We had a fantastic time bringing a larger team of artists to Hamburg to be a part of the STAMP Festival Parades. STAMP is a weekend street festival which is famous for their street parades. It’s a huge affair with a combination of processional street acts from around Europe and several part community part professional groups from nearby and throughout Germany.

We performed in 2 parades: Jellish for the night parade and Sun Birds for the day parade.

They were supper long parades (about 2 hours each) but the crowds were very enthusiastic and the team of 7 artist we brought really stepped up to the challenge.

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