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From the tiny to the giant, Thingumajig Theatre’s lovingly created puppets come to life before your eyes. Be it indoor puppet show or outdoor spectacle, we weave magical narrative into distinctive visual style. Our puppets connect with all age ranges to transcend the everyday with their unique spirit, inviting audiences on a journey through story, emotion and imagination.


current Work.


  • Ghost Caribou

    In GHOST CARIBOU, Thingumajig Theatre’s new night-time street act, giant illuminated creatures, part caribou, part spirit, roam a mystical world after dark, accompanied by a wild herdsperson. As they…

  • Santa Barbara Giants (USA)

    In February and March 2018, we were invited to lead a two-week giant puppet workshop in Santa Barbara, California. With the support of the Squire Foundation,

  • Roztoky Carnival (Czech Republic)

    In January and February, 2018, we were invited by Sdružení Roztoč in Roztoky, outside of Prague, Czech Republic to lead a two-week giant lantern making workshop. We worked…

  • Kit and Caboodle

    KIT AND CABOODLE With miniature puppet shows inside a big, rolling mule puppet, the timeless theme of migration is packaged up in Thingumajig’s latest street act, KIT AND CABOODLE. A…

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blog Posts.


  • Spring Ugly Ducking Tour

    We’re in full-on build mode here at Thingumajig for the debut tour of Ugly Duckling! The papier mache is flying, ducklings keep appearing out of nowhere, songs and script…

  • Autumn 2014 Tour

    We’re off!  A 28-venue tour of “A November Day”, which follows a woman’s discovery of the story of her grandfather, a survivor of WW1. The show was…

  • Hamburg

    We had a fantastic time bringing a larger team of artists to Hamburg to be a part of the STAMP Festival Parades. STAMP is a weekend street…

  • Budapest

    Giant puppets at a massive music festival on an island in Budapest? Why not! For the first time, we crated our giant puppets and flew to meet them for…